There are few people who can never claim to have changed the world. Famous people in this age of 24 hour news channels, Twitter and the internet can get the dime a dozen, actors, musicians, authors, politicians, activists, among many others who were successful in getting the attention of many people. Innovators and pioneers on the other hard to reach. People who go against the odds and make a difference, those who leave a legacy to promote their field. And Steve Jobs legacy will surely endure, even after many have gone.

Before you even measure how much the legacy of Steve Jobs has affected us, we must first look at the history čovjeka.Nasljeđe Steve Jobs, after all, becomes more impressive when you consider how he became one of the most famous people in the history of technology .

Steven Paul Jobs was born on 24 February 1955 to two unmarried students at the University of Wisconsin, and then adopted at birth by Paul and Clara Employment Reinhold, Paul mechanic for laser manufacturing company, and accountant Clare zahigh-tech company in what would later be known as Silicon Valley. His adoptive mother taught him to read early, even before he went to school, and his adoptive father taught him the basic electronics, development of skills which, unknown to them at that time would contribute to the great legacy of Steve Jobs.

Steve after school he attended lectures at the Hewlett-Packard Company during his days at Homestead High School in Cupertino, California, it is here where he will meet with Steve Wozniak during his tenure as a summer employee. Wozniak, Ronald Wayne to make in the future, join the job to co-found Apple Computer Co., a company that, more than anything else, embody the legacy of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs has never attended college for a long time. Stay for only one semester, he was later dropped and actually living life is fleeting for some time, and considering how far-reaching legacy of Steve Jobs to eventually become, made his achievements all the more impressive.

The mandate of the Atari, Steve Jobs would be joined by Steve Wozniak after the invention of the Apple I computer, and with Ronald Wayne and Mark Markkula funding to found Apple Computer Co. in 1976, the company flagship, where the legacy of Steve Jobs would be built on. Originally created in the garage working parents, the company will soon increase to establish standards for how personal computers will become, and establish a legacy of Steve Jobs and his colleagues.

Steve Job's initial stay at Apple will not be smooth sailing. He resigned from the company in 1985, after disagreements between management policy due to cracks between him and John Sculley, then CEO of the company. This trip would not last however. After Job's resignation, he founded the NEXT computer, and eventually bought a printing Group (now named Pixar) from Lucasfilms in 1986. In 1996 bought an Apple computer NEXT to the amount of $ 429 million, Jobs returned to the company that he co-founded, and eventually became president of the 1997th With Steve Jobs back to Apple, its brand management and its demand for aesthetically appealing products restore profitability to the company's portfolio.

revolutionizing the way we listen to music on MP3 player, and making smart phones and tablet PCs in the tech race, the legacy of Steve Jobs is hard to miss in our everyday lives. His drive to create innovative products has changed the way we view mobile computing, and will likely influence what we expect of mobile media in the years to come.

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