It seems like every year we are forced to work more and more with less and less resources. Budget, for example, seems to be the first grip, and one of the most obvious place to reduce your training investment.

Here are some hard-hitting real reason why you want to do more to eliminate technology and management training initiatives at all this year.

1) You can save a boat-load simply shelling out for the training of any kind. This will help you quickly focus your budget and get it in black and a lot faster.

Moreover, it is difficult to quantify the results you get from training anyway, so why spend money if it is not giving you a return on investment? You need to justify their spending, and with training you can not, so why bother?

2) Your current employees know this market employers. It is up to them to stay up-to-speed on the latest changes in technology. If the value of their employment with you, they will spend their time off-hours to learn everything you need to learn to say electricity. It's just part of what it means to be a good employee in the new millennium, is not it?

allowing their employees to quality leisure time with family and friends is not as important as the business-as-usual.

3) Expecting employees churn out more work in less time is de rigueur these days. That means even less time for training during the day - let alone the budget considerations. People need to get things done, taking precious time out for suspicious training concerns just makes no sense. It returns to, these people must realize that this is for you, which requires them to achieve and maintain a certain level of expertise. Is not this familiar?

4) Promotion of environmental hand-holding, which is not what training initiatives, encourages employees to become dependent on you and others, reduces productivity, and blockage of their business processes. Let them take care of yourself and get your answers, Google is their friend


5) The software and technology is pretty much the same from year to year. Why spend time and money training people to increase small changes that should be able to grasp intuitively anyway?

6) If there is a need to learn something new, it's usually just a few quick minutes on Google, and they should have an answer. If you can not do this, they should not be in your employ.

7) Since it is impossible to quantify the results of training, training initiatives as a whole has to be a big waste of time and money, and actually should be eliminated on an ongoing basis from now on. Just hire the talent you need, and make it clear that it is up to them to find out all you need to learn to stay current. After all, they are not human beings, they are the cogs in your wheel should be able to get fat



Your employees are not people. They are simply a means to an end: dobit.Manje more time you have to spend dealing with them, holding them by hand, and training them, the better. All tools in your toolbox magically stay sharp and ready to use. It is, after all, a perfect world.

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