Computer plays an important role of people from day to day life, especially in the workplace, schools and even at home. Twenty-first century is the era of so many technological advances in order to make people's lives better. The computer helps them to become more effective in their work.

Computer technology in banking:

Technology is our living easy and enjoyable, such as our banking needs. Previously, people need to maintain important information about your clients manually. But now, in just one click, they will be able to find all the information of customers instantly. Customers are able to know about the transactions to your account to log on the website of the bank. Moreover, it is possible to apply for loans through online.

improvements in computer technology:

Computer technology has improved our life style is far better than before. Because of the Internet and technology, the world is reduced to a global village. Although progress in the Internet creates new challenges and problems such as computer viruses, computer technologies such as antivirus software is easy to overcome these problems.

computer in the food industry

automation and computerization in the food processing units are faced with many challenges, if used near water catastrophic effects on any computer system. Most food processing units rather waterproof computer to protect your computer systems from the drenching in the production area.

The computer in medicine:

The hospital is an important organization and computers used to manage bolnici.Računovodstvo, payroll and stock system in the hospital are computerized in the past few days. We can keep a record of various drugs, their distribution and use in different departments, etc. using a computer. Even illness can be diagnosed by entering patient symptoms. In addition, various computing devices are used in laboratories for a variety of blood tests, etc.

Computers in Agriculture:

Today, the agricultural industry is also making use računala.Analiza that was several years before showing that 44% of farmers in Ohio using computers for various purposes. In 1991, only 32% of farmers that are used. This shows that there is a considerable increase in farmers who use computers. As the Internet becomes a means of communication, most farmers use the technological advances in processing transactions, or to obtain informacija.Analiza shows that the total of farmers who were surveyed, 80% of them make use of the Internet.

computer education

Because of the globalization of education, so many challenges set new trends. In order to face all these challenges, information technology in the education sector is very important. It is essential that students become familiar with the concept and use of information technology in order to equip them for future job market. Also, faculty can achieve better quality in teaching metodologiju.Računalne technology has developed in many areas. Its development has created a tremendous dramatic impact on almost all fronts, and thus lead to a new era.


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