Many companies are unaware of the significant advantages related to finance the purchase of computers and technology segments. The proper name for this type of financing is a 'technology lifecycle management. "Most business owners simply consider the following question:' Should I buy or lease your new company's computers and software and related products and services? '

Two old adages relating to the leasing still rings true when it comes to technological aspects. This is something that should be funded and depreciates, and the need to buy something that appreciates in value. Most businesses and consumers, and know very well that computers depreciate in value. The systems we have paid thousands of dollars for years are now hundreds of dollars. Walk into any Big Box 'retailer and see the dramatic moves in the technology.

entrepreneurs who finance technology exhibit higher isplativosti.Tvrtka wants to reap the benefits of technology over the useful life of the asset and, most importantly, more evenly match cash outflows with the benefits. Leasing and financing their technology lets you stay ahead of technology curve, that is to always use the latest technology as it relates to your business needs


Companies that lease and finance their technological needs often work better within their capital budget. Simply saying I can buy more and buy smarter. Many companies that are larger problems with balance and ROA (return on assets) issues that are believable. They must stay within the banks' credit provisions and measures are often on their ability to generate revenues at the level of total assets, which is engaged in society.

lease financing allows those firms to address both of these issues. Companies may choose to employ Operating lease This structure for the funding of technology. It is more common in larger firms, but it works almost as well in small organizations. Operating leases demonstrating "off balance sheet '. The company adopts the attitude of using technology, rather than owning tehnologije.Najmodavac / lender owns the equipment, and has a share in the residual value of technology. The main benefit for the company that the debt associated with technology acquisition is not directly maintained by the balance sheet. This system optimizes the level of debt and profitability ratios.

At the end of these operating leases, which are usually 36 months long, the buyer has the option:

1 return the equipment
Second Purchase of equipment (though not likely)
Third Negotiated extension of funding for the continued use of computers, technology, etc.

Companies that have recently acquired a computer and technology can actually negotiate a "sale leaseback" of those same funds. This funding strategy brings money back into the company, as the company has hired leasing and financing on our strategy of building above them - using technology, not owning technology


In short, the key advantages of computer technology and finance lease are as follows:

* A company can stay ahead of technology curve
* Computer leasing and financing has a significant balance sheet and profit and loss of benefits
* The company's flexibility in relation to the purchase of new products, restoring the existing technology and create cash for the purchase has been made ​​

Numerous advantages are discussed relating to the lease as a whole. However, technology and finance lease are very perfectly suited for business strategy, finance leasing.

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