history of rootkit will take us back to earlier days on the computer. In the early days of the computer when the DOS command line operating system was in use some computer viruses could be hidden from the user computer, and also of all anti-virus programs. They can successfully do this by intercepting system calls that are responsible for reading files. They tempered the system with false information. Their presence is so important that even if he could see their presence in front of you to be seen whether anything but legitimate codes. These viruses are named as' stealth virus's in those days.

But with the development of computers and the presence instead of the old Windows DOS operating systems made ​​these viruses is useless. They simply can not continue to hide because they are not able to intercept system calls in Windows easily. But this was not the end of the virus also. Some kind of a stealth virus can hide its presence in the Windows operating system. They can work very well on Windows and can hide your presence more effective than the last day of this stealth virus. These types of viruses are called rootkits.

Most anti-viruses that are used these days can not provide full guarantees against evil rootkits. Rootkit very you can install on the system and can not hide tamo.Problem that anti-virus software is facing is that when they try to detect rootkits are already active there and the program is used to detect and destroy rootkits have been intercepted by rootkits. Only some tricky tech support can save your computer from threats.

With Microsoft Rootkit Revealer, a program that is designed for administrators or developers do not destroy rootkits. It can not detect rootkits. This can only guess that something is hiding in the system. Rootkit Revealer can not remove viruses as well.

tech support experts suggest that you use some other antivirus programs to detect rootkits. You can use software such UnHackMe. This is the kind of antivirus program that is compatible with other anti-virus and is designed in a way that it can work well with other existing anti-virus software.

tech support experts suggest that the uniqueness UnHackMe is not to fight with rootkits. Rather, it fools the malicious rootkit booting the operating system and intake system under their control before the rootkit can intrude. Since it was installed primarily to watch the whole process of the Windows boot process. It can detect and destroy rootkits attempt.

tech support experts suggest that the UnHackMe ensures that no rootkits in memory, it becomes easier to detect and remove any further intrusion attempts rootkits. If you try to break rootkit UnHackMe system can remove rootkits. That does not make blocks rootkits from getting loaded into system memory and passes control to their regular anti-virus.

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