It was noted that cloud computing is the biggest innovation that will change the entire universe once again after the Internet and e-mail.Puno definition attributed to cloud computing, but most of them is that it provides access to data, applications and resources via the Internet on demand.

There are many companies today that operate on large data centers that handle requests for several clients at the same time. It is necessary for providers of IT infrastructure to develop great expertise in particular when it comes to data center management and how to setup the data center itself.

Every company can benefit from this service, the maximum data center partnership with a company that provides these services for them. Cloud computing is such that use web-based platform as a development environment. Cloud computing can be used on the Internet to access the great resources and document management, this guide is similar to electricity and simple to use, all a user has to do is run a browser and access to resources wherever you want to access, and then he will be charged on the amount means of access, or the amount of files that access will determine the amount you will be charged.

Each company will adopt the use of cloud computing technology into everyday day-to-day operations will have less work to do as far as human power, because most of the work is already assigned to a computer system or machine that will perform the task.

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