motherboard is a great circuit that we use to connect microelectronics necessary for the computer system. Motherboards have connectors that allow the main system components such as CPU and RAM to connect to the board. Therefore, CPU, RAM and other peripherals using the motherboard in order to communicate and transfer data. You can also connect to the motherboard network, video and sound cards. However, several modern motherboards support this feature with the integrated components.

a central processing unit (CPU)

a central processing unit or CPU is the brain of the computer system. This is the module that handles all of the information within računala.Vrsta processor should be the first decision when buying or upgrading a PC. It is very important when choosing a new processor is the CPU in MHz or GHz speed and bus speed. MHz or higher GHz means better performance. Hi-tech processors need more power and generate more heat than other slower models. So, laptops, commonly used CPUs that are slower and require less power to maximize the time they can work with the battery.

Before buying a new processor, remember that applications continue to evolve. Choosing a low-speed processor can meet today's requirements, but the upcoming applications will be more complicated if the processor is not fast enough, the overall user experience will not be acceptable. The processor is placed over the socket on the motherboard and still is the largest module on the motherboard.

Random access memory or RAM is a data type. It is used in computers to store programs and data, while being processed in the central processor. All computer programs running in memory from direct pristupom.Količina RAM is the second most important factor in computer performance. All applications require memory to work properly. The more applications that should run at the same time, more RAM is potrebno.Količina and type of RAM that can be used on a computer system depends on the motherboard.

Controller Card

When we close the power of all data stored in RAM is lost. Applications and user data must be stored in a medium that is not going to lose them when the power is removed. Magnetic storage devices, optical storage devices, flash drives and magnetic storage devices, and no power conservation. Magnetic storage devices are the most common form found in computers. These devices store information in a magnetic field. They include: hard drives, disks and tape drives


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