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Some technologies that are in development, make people excited, like a low-power Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi.Niska consumption of Bluetooth is able to create a mouse and keyboard work for several months with a battery. For small devices, which can not use the battery, the connection can also be embedded Bluetooth. Notebook PC and Tablet PC will become the center of the Bluetooth revolution. With the increasing amount of sensors, the buyers are hoping the inter-application all their devices can be provesti.Zaslon PC becomes large, the interface becomes more flexible, and smart home dream could be realized in the future.

OEM manufacturers have a GPS function and breakthrough advantages and add value proizvoda.Pozicioniranje platform has achieved a range of services. In recent years the development of GPS and very stressed, so its accuracy and power consumption are also improved. With a view to place the GPS, it is very common for positioning functions close links funkciju.Trenutna GPS position can be spread through other radio-frequency signals. What's more, using MEMS, such as gas and gyroscope, to extend the frequency today. This extension plays an important role for the PC and Tablet PCs that are working within.

Wi-Fi Direct is another exciting technology which provides a new method for the direct connection between laptop computers, mobile phones, cameras, video games and printers. His goal is to implement the content and transmission udjela.Standardni Wi-Fi supports two models. Under the first model, the device can be considered as an access point. Many Wi-Fi interfaces and devices can connect and share with njim.Drugi model is based on point to point links. If the access point and router does not work, Wi-Fi device can still be connected to meet its tasks, such as printing and podijeliti.Vezane integrated circuit is the

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