Security Camera DVR is an abbreviation of the term "Digital Video Recorder", and so to be very similar to the TiVo box to your TV. This represents a significant enhancement over previous video technology, which would have had to have been recorded to analogue tape. Not only in the fact that the quality of recordings is significantly enhanced, but the fact that, while May have previously required a football field size warehouse to keep all the backup tapes for the time required for storage. With a DVR security system that is a moot point, because the footage or recorded directly on a massive hard drive that can hold hundreds of hours of recordings, or as directed on the box that connects directly to setup a cloud for storage on the web, which can hold an infinite amount of time!

Another great benefit of this is that while analogue tapes can and do corrode over time, the same is not true of digital images. If you look back shots in ten days or ten years then the DVR security camera footage that is done you can feel reassured that they will look exactly the same.

But with analog tape must be aware of these factors such as how the tapes are stored, whether the conditions are damp, and how tight the straps are in stock. And on top of everything you need to find a tape in the first place! What if it's from many years ago (possibly with certain types of state control facilities, for example, because they want to store images of May for years), then you might have to spend all day hunting for the right time segment. However, when images are stored digitally, all these problems evaporate, because you can easily search the same way that you can search on Google and find the clip in seconds.

The image quality is the great advantage of DVR security cameras over their analog brethren, because while a government can retain the tapes for years. In practice, the majority of commercial uses for security cameras, which is sometimes the case that there will be a set of strips in continuous use, one for each day of the week, one week until the end of the recording and one recording of each month.

And this will then be recorded through time and time again in rolling fashion, the effect will gradually decrease the recording quality of the recording, and also put a burden on the machine mechanic. This is another problem that goes away as you move through the DVR security camera system and are able to record digitally, without so many points of failure and the ability to immediately find a safety clip that you need.

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