Large companies often have easy when it comes to pokretanje.Skupina angel investors and venture capitalists are always around the corner to behemoth arose. However, most SMEs are not so lucky. Running is often the pain with the first year filled with danger. However, with the advent of cloud computing, things are, of course, it becomes easier for small and medium enterprises. There are a lot of cloud computing applications available out there that work to keep their start-up costs without compromising too much on rješenja.Savršen example is Google Apps.

cloud computing applications can use the small and medium sized businesses in many ways, some of them:

No hardware or software required, This is often the IT infrastructure that is cost intensive department in most companies, SMEs and large corporations. However, with applications moving to the cloud, small and medium businesses no longer need to invest in hardware such as servers, etc., or building software to start a business.

less labor intensive Since the application is managed and updated by dedicated group of programmers, this means that small and medium enterprises do not have to invest too much in the cloud too. Manpower can not only be difficult to find, which is also often the time to train, which was re-translated in escalated costs.

Reduced latency- Most small and medium enterprises have a grouse that the time taken for the purchase of real hardware and real software development costs them time to market. However, with cloud computing applications, this aspect also concerns. Now, start-up just having a good provider and they are ready to start a business.

Given the obvious benefits of this application, it looks like a foolproof idea for small and medium enterprises and for that matter, large companies as well. However, before jumping on the bandwagon, a detailed feasibility study needed for verification.

It is seen that some companies failed to bring cloud computing profitably. The reason for failure could be any of them or both of a bad service provider network or insufficiently prepared. While most first case of bad judgment, for cloud computing applications to deliver these benefits, it is important for companies to prepare their networks in accordance with tim.Nedovoljno constructed network can exceed more than the benefits of applications on the cloud, which could mean the end of the day most small businesses out there.

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